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3 Major Preparations for Foreign Teachers’ Working in China

Editor : Caelyn   |   Resource : AT0086.com

  Preparations on ideology
You need a good preparation on ideology before teaching in China.
Preparation for language exchange As most of the people you contact with may speak Chinese, you need to be patient enough to communicate with them if you have limited Chinese, and of course you may go to the class to learn Chinese.
Preparation for cultural custom You might need some time to adjust yourself to the country whose history and culture, tradition and custom are different from yours in order to let yourself be a member of the Chinese people.
Preparation for food You need to pay efforts to get used to Chinese food culture as you may not get easy to have western food when you come to China, luckily Chinese food is very good and you will feel sure to like it.
  Preparation for luggage
As a foreign export, you must have some travelling experience and don’t feel strange about luggage preparation.
Luggage for life’s necessities The luggage for life’s necessities is a must as you are going to stay and teach in China for one year or longer, and you don’t need to worry about your bad memory for those lost things, cause it is very convenient to shop in China.
Luggage for work You need to prepare for the stuff related to teaching, for example, instrument, equipment, books and files etc. When you teach in China, you can also consult your company what stuff should be taken if you have no idea.

  Preparation for working materials
You are coming to China for a job and you need to show the related working materials when you look for a job in a company. Here are the 6 major ones.
Educational level certificate (copies)

Recommendation letter from your professor in your country
Teaching certificate

Marriage status certificate (if available)
China is a country respecting each other’s family and it is not keeping with the Chinese traditional moral standard or breaking the law, for unmarried husband/wife may not enjoy the related expenditure by the company and it is also following the international convention as it is known to all.
Health certificate
You may fetch the Physical Examination Record for Foreigner published by the Chinese the Ministry of Health from the embassy in your country, then you may have the physical examination.

According to Chinese laws, the Physical Examination Record for Foreigner has duration of 6 months, so you need to know the check time and make it effective within 30 days after the needed procedures when entering China.
You need to fully fill the sheet of the single item of the Physical Examination Record for Foreigner without any blank left.
You need to get the original assay sheet of X ray, the serum check results of venereal disease and AIDS, as the Chinese Ministry of Health will need it to see whether the Physical Examination Record For Foreigner is eligible when you come to China.