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5 Major Qualifications Affect Your Teaching in China

Editor : Caelyn   |   Resource : AT0086.com

Do you want to find a satisfactory job as a teacher in China? Do you want to improve yourself to find a teaching job more easily? Now let’s see what kind of foreign teachers on earth do the Chinese schools prefer? With what qualification you are given the priority?
Here we mention the various kinds of certificates, for example, foreign export certificate, teacher’s certificate, degree certificate etc. Under normal circumstances Chinese schools may require the Foreign Expert Certificate when they recruit teachers because it is the identification of foreign exports’ working in China, and also the necessary credentials for them to live in China. You will enjoy the national treatment if you have this certificate. There are many kinds of teacher’s certificates, among which, the most popular one is TEFL, other certificates such as TESL, TESOL, DELTA, CELTA are also useful for you finding jobs in China if you own one. In Chinese schools, foreign teachers with different degree and work experience have different salary accordingly.
We find that schools tend to those with recommendations when they recruit foreign teachers. To some degree, these recommendations may give some affirmation of your former working or studying experiences, which may promote your reorganization level. Consequently, the rate of your being employed may be raised if you hand in the recommendation by your professor in your country or your former company to the present school that you are going to.
Educational degree and major
The Chinese schools need various kinds of foreign teachers, in terms of language type there are English, Japanese, Korean, French, Germany, Russia, Italy, etc. And in terms of instructional level, they need teachers with different educational degree and major of different levels. In general, the salary is different by the different educational degree, the higher and more professional, the higher pay you will get.
Teaching experience
We may often see the requirements about the teaching experience on many recruitment information for foreign teachers, for example, 1 to 2 or 3 to 5 years’ teaching experience, 3 to 5 years’ pre-school teaching experience, etc. Different job title need different teaching experience, and it is always considered that foreign teachers with more teaching experience are more likely to be able to do better teaching.
Other qualification (nationality, age)
The above are the outer qualifications that you may got through efforts. However, you may also see requirements such as “the applicant should be from England or Canada” or the requirement on ages in the school’s recruitment information when you look for a teaching job in China, you should excuse them then, for these qualification is also one of the factors affecting the education quality. Please don’t feel disappointed to be rejected for these requirements, you will surely find a suitable job one day as China is such a big country.