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Most Important 5 Things You Need to Know about E-ticket in China

Editor : kerry Lee   |   Resource : AT0086.com

Being bored of the old ticket-buying style? Or wanting to save more when buying a ticket? Living in the modern society in China, we should try to enjoy the benefit of high-tech. So e-ticket can be another choice for your trip here, which can cost up to $20 for you. The following tips can help you to know something about it.
1. What is an e-ticket?
An e-ticket is the electronic image of a common paper ticket. It’s a recording of some electronic numbers. It is an advanced passenger ticket format, providing great convenience via electronic ticket reservation, payment, and boarding procedure while reducing greatly the airline cost.
2. How to get an e-ticket in China?
When you buy a ticket online, you're usually buying an e-ticket. After you've selected your flight online, you'll be prompted to pay with a credit or debit card. The screen will then present you with your payment confirmation receipt, your ticket number and your itinerary. Print these out and you have your e-ticket.
The e-ticket may also be emailed to you with an itinerary confirmation which you can print out, especially if you've gone through a travel agency, or you may be mailed an e-ticket confirmation and a link to the airline's website.
3. How to use the e-ticket in China?
At check-in, the airline's agent will compare your e-ticket against the airline database and issue you a boarding pass when everything checks out. You may also be able to plug your data into a self service check-in computer and print your own boarding pass.
It can be a little nerve wracking to use an e-ticket for the first time, but take the leap and you'll see how easy, convenient and simple it is. And above all, you'll learn how practical e-tickets are for students traveling internationally.
4. What to keep with an e-ticket in China?
Keep a copy of your air itinerary and your lodging itinerary with your e-ticket. Your lodging may take you through the same online process and allow you to print lodging confirmation. Keep copies of lodging and air itineraries in your checked baggage in case of lost luggage, and keep a copy in your carry on with all your travel documents.
5. What are the airlines companies that support e-ticket in China?
Yoee.com is the only aviation travel e-commerce company in China providing online e-ticket inquiry and reservation as well as online payment. Currently it sells e-tickets for Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, and Shanghai Airline.