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Top 10 China Universities for Education Study

Editor : May   |   Resource : AT0086.com

On the strong interest in education? Want to be preaching to the doubts? But do you know which is the best school of education in over-abundance of various Chinese universities? The most famous university is not necessarily best for you. We refer to the strength of the teaching, history and reputation, providing the following university ranking.
Top 1. Beijing Normal University
The Institute of Education of Beijing Normal University is China's important base for scientific research, is the best institution for national high-level education talents training and is the birthplace of modern education subjects. It is also the first university providing master program, doctoral program, and the first to set up postdoctoral mobile station of education, and the first unit was authorized to issue the doctor degree. It has a long history, high academic reputation and good teachers.
Top 2.  East China Normal University
The education school of East China Normal University was established in 1980, it is the first high-Science Education college. After years of development, the school has become a institute which organic integrates the theory and practice, the teaching and the scientific research, the pre-training and the post-training, the post-graduate education and the undergraduate education. And the school has a number of research institutes and research centers.
Top 3. South China Normal University
South China Normal University has 75-year history, the strength of the education school is in the top colleges and universities across the China, It has advanced condition, serves as three centers in Guangdong province: The Centre for Educational Scientific Research, Centre for Research in Basic Education, and Centre for Teacher Education. And the teaching staff is well-structured with high level.
Top 4: Zhejiang University
The Education College of Zhejiang University has 101-year history, it’s one of the China’s modern colleges which set up education discipline earliest. A group of well-known educators had taught here. The Education school now has 6 research institutes, 7 research centers and 3 research training bases, it also serves as the association center of the APEID and the secretariat of the GUNI-AP.
Top 5. Southwest University
During the 58-year history, the Education School of Southwestern University has won outstanding achievement in talents training, scientific research. The education discipline is jointly determined as one of the special disciplines by China Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance. The college also has Chongqing City brand subject, quality curriculum and excellent teaching team. There is no doubt about its strength.
Top 6. Nanjing Normal University
The education school of Nanjing Normal University is focus on the education discipline and psychology discipline, dating back to 1918. The college has more than 10 research institutes and research centers, 4 key disciplines. The Research Institute of funds amounted to 15,000,000; the scientific research achievements are fruitful.
Top 7. Beijing Sport University
The education school of the Beijing Sport University is the cradle of sport talents of China. With the 55-year history, the physical education is one of the oldest disciplines and in the most traditional feature of sports, the students has participated in numerous international and domestic sport performances, the teaching resource is rich, the management of teaching is strict and the scientific research is highlighted.
Top 8. Huazhong Normal University
Huazhong Normal University’s Education school has not a long history, but the strength can not to be lightly. The education discipline was approved as characteristics discipline by the Chinese Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance, has 3 research centers, 1 key research base and 1 national key discipline.
Top 9. Northeast Normal University
After 57 years of development, the Education school has become an influential institute with good teachers, strong academic atmosphere, high reputation and good education environment. And in the infrastructure and talents training it all has a broad impact both in education field and practice field in China.
Top 10. Shanghai University of Sport
Shanghai University of Sport is the first sports institution after the founding of New China. It has 56-year history. The school’s education discipline, in particular, the physical education is ahead of many colleges and universities, have cultivated numerous athletic talents with a high level and a lot of excellent back-up personnel. In 2006, Chinese Ministry of Education awarded the College "The Chinese Government Scholarship" qualifications.