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Top 10 China Universities for History Study

Editor : May   |   Resource : AT0086.com

The most famous university does not necessarily meet your needs; choose the University and subjects must be very carefully. History has been a hot subject for foreign students, and here we recommend to you 10 universities with best history school. If you are interested in history, you can refer to the following ranking. We refer to the school's history, the strength and reputation, the ranking gets a high authority.
Top 1. Beijing Normal University
Beijing Normal University is a well-known comprehensive university directly under the Ministry of Education; it is also a key university. In particular the advantages of arts disciplines are first-rate across the China. The school's history disciplinary is one of the oldest departments, so far it has 106 years history, and in the large number of colleges and universities in China, no one can match it.
Top 2. Peking University
The history school of Peking University has 105-year history so far, in 1998, the school was the first to obtain the gift of doctoral degree. Now it has 8 secondary subjects, 2 national key disciplines, 1 key research base and 1 national training base, 1 post-doctoral mobile station, strength is powerful.
Top 3. Fudan University
The history school of Fudan University, is 83-year-old, it is the base of cultivating national liberal arts talents and scientific research. In a recent assessment of the Ministry of Education, this school got an outstanding achievement. The school has good teachers, a full range of professional research, outstanding research achievements; it’s undoubted that the school is among the best in China.
Top 4. Nankai University
The history discipline of Nankai University has been a subject of 80-year-old, with a complete range of disciplines, 3 state-level key disciplines, it is also the first batch of national key academic funding. The school also has a national training base, a national key research base and scientific research centers. In 2007, the disciplinary history has been identified as the first national-level key disciplines by the China's education authority.
Top 5. Nanjing University
Nanjing University’s history discipline has 106-year history, it has a complete system of teaching, and it’s the base of arts talents training and scientific research which directly under the Ministry of Education, and in 1996 it had been identified as national engineering unit. The school has 2 national key disciplines. And its teachers are named “outstanding academic team of Jiangsu province”. At present, the school began to recruit graduate students.
Top 6. Shandong University
Shandong University is well-known in literature and history, the school of history is a long history and rich heritage of academic institutions, has 107 years history so far. The theoretical research of the archeology, China's modern history, the history of relations between the Chinese and foreign historians in the academic community have a high status. And the Chinese ancient history is a professional-level key discipline. The basis of the scientific research is very solid, too.
Top 7. Huazhong Normal University
The History school of Huazhong Normal University is one of the traditional advantages of the college, the school has 1 base for national liberal arts talents training, 1 scientific research center, 1 post-doctoral mobile station and 3 research institutes. And it is properly equipped.
Top 8. Wuhan University
The history discipline of Wuhan University has 95-year history, it’s one of the first batch of establishing history department in China universities, and it’s one of the significant subjects of Wuhan university in the academic community. The discipline covers extension field, the comprehensive strength is powerful, it also possess the advantages of academic and scientific strength.
Top 9. Sun Yat-sen University
The history discipline of the university has 84-year history, it’s one of the earliest established academic programs of Sun Yat-sen University. The education strength is strong and many founders of China's modern history had taught here. Its scientific research won many national awards, a number of research results achieved first-class both domestic and international.
Top 10. Renmin University of China
The history discipline of Renmin University of China have a history of 60 years, with 1 significant research base, 1 key discipline, 6 doctoral programs, 10 master programs' . Teaching resource is abundant, meanwhile the funding for research up to 7,000,000.