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Top 10 China Universities for Law Study

Editor : May   |   Resource : AT0086.com

Laws have been enrolled are the most popular subject. In our recent investigation of the popular subjects for foreign students, law is also among the best. Do you know the best law school throughout the China? The most well-known University is not always meeting your need. If you want to study law, the following ranking is absolutely helpful.
Top 1. Renmin University of China
The Law School of Renmin University of China, founded in 1950, is the first regular higher legal education organization created after the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Chaoyang University, which was founded in 1912 merged with the Law School of Renmin University of China. It was titled at the same time as "the Most Excellent Law Academy in China," and is known by the saying "Chaoyang in north, Dongwu in south," "there are no courts without Chaoyang" in the history of legal education of modern China.
Top 2. Peking University
The law School of Peking University has the longest history in China’s law education field. The school has a number of research institutes, some are the only in China, some are the longest in China. After years of development, the professional faculties are various, the system is perfect and the strength are powerful. And the school gets the largest number of graduates in the university.
Top 3. Wuhan University
The Law School of Wuhan University has a 82-year history, it is an important component of the university. After years of development, the school has become China's law education and research base, the quality of teaching and academic status continues to rise. It also has 1 national key disciplines, 2 key research bases, 11 master programs, 6 doctoral programs, 1 post-doctoral mobile stations, 2 state-level key disciplines, 2 Institutes and 6 Research Centers.
Top 4. Tsinghua University
The Law school of Tsinghua University is the key subject, is one of the subjects which giving priority to the development, with high academic standards and strong scientific research strength, it stays in ahead in the domestic assessment of law discipline. The school is one of the well-known School of Law and it's the international exchange enjoys highly international reputation and international influence.
Top 5. China University of Political Science and Law
China University of Political Science and Law is the national key universities based mainly in the humanities and social science category. The Law school is the backbone of the college, with 8 research institutes, 20 research centers. It’s the base of the theory of law and public law education research in China, and the administrative law and legal history enjoy the top academic status and first-class scientific research teaching.
Top 6. Jilin University
The law School of Jilin University is one the earliest establishment of the Law School in China, has the 60-year-history, it is the important legal education and research base with broad impact, good reputation and significant position. Its legal theory is the national key disciplines and a leader. Teaching strength are powerful and research results are fruitful.
Top 7. Fudan University
The law school of Fudan University, is 79-year-old, has a number of research centers, 1 doctoral mobile station and 9 master programs. The school has good teachers, and a higher number of well-known jurist and mentor. Its law, legal history, and other subjects are known at home and abroad.
Top 8. Xiamen University
Xiamen University is an early start-up of higher education institutions of law in China, its legal department has 82-year-history, the Law School has a rational structure, strong strength, stamina sufficient academic staff. With the powerful teaching source, teaching advanced conditions, the ability of education, the school ranked in the top of the national comprehensive university.
Top 9. Sun Yat-sen University
The law school of Sun Yat-sen University School, is 84-year-old, has 6 Teaching and Research Sections, with rich library resource, perfect technical facilities and many teachers in the academic community are very influential. At the same time, the school’s active academic exchange activities brought a higher reputation both at home and abroad.
Top 10. Zhongnan University of Economics and Law
It is an institution of higher education under the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China with economics, law, and management as its core disciplines. ZUEL has a group of learned scholars who have prestige in the academic world of management, economics, and law, both at home and abroad, completed many major national research projects, scientific research is very rich.