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Top 10 Things You Must Know on China Flights

Editor : Kerry Lee   |   Resource : AT0086.com

Do you have the need to take a flight in China? Because of the unfamiliarity of China’s relative regulations, your trip would be very suffering and full of trouble. Then how to avoid some unnecessary burden in order to enjoy your trip? Please go ahead reading.
1. Reservation of seat
Only after your seat is reserved can you embark on planes with your ticket indicating the reservation of seat. By contacting ticket offices of airline companies or airline ticket sales agencies you can have your seat reserved. And if your seat has been reserved, you will have to book your ticket within the prescribed period of time.
2. Ticket-booking
When you book a ticket from some agency, you can book with your valid passports, “Residence Permit,” travel papers or other valid identity papers issued by Chinese public security authorities. In booking tickets, you will be required to fill in the "Passenger Reservation Record."
3. Reconfirmation of reservation
If you are holding through tickets or round-trip tickets with seats reserved, where you are staying for 72 hours or longer at a stopover on the through trip or round trip, you will have to reconfirm your reservation by 12:00 two days before the departure of the flight from the stopover airport. Otherwise, the original reservation shall be automatically canceled.
4. Term of validity of tickets
The validity period of a normal fare ticket, including single trip, round trip or circle trip ticket, is one year from the date of commencing the travel. The validity period of a special fare ticket or discounted normal fare ticket will be fixed according to the regulations governing tickets.
5. Children and Infant fare
A child between 2 and 12 years of age is charged at 50% of the adult fare. A separate seat will be provided for each child enjoying such fare.
Children under 12 years of age shall be accompanied by adults, or can take a flight alone with consent from the carrier.
An infant under 2 years of age not occupying a separate seat is charged at 10% of the adult fare. One adult passenger is entitled to accompany one infant enjoying such fare. Infants of less than 14 days old shall not be allowed to take planes.
6. Check-in procedure
You will be generally required to arrive at the airport for departure 90 minutes before the time of departure, and gone through the check-in formalities with your passenger tickets and valid identity papers. The check-in counter shall be closed 30 minutes before the time of departure.
7. Luggage allowance
Passengers holding adult-fare or half-fare tickets are entitled to free luggage allowance of 40 kilograms for the first class, and 30 kilograms for the business class, and 20 kilograms for economy class. Each piece of luggage for consignment may not exceed 50 kilograms in the maximum weight, and 40 x 60 x 100 centimeters in size.
If your baggage is in excess of the free luggage allowance in terms of the weight or volume, you will need to pay an overweight fee, which is chargeable at a rate of 1.5% of the normal economy class fare for every one kilogram.
8. Refund
If you ask for a refund 24 hours before the time of departure as indicated on the tickets, they will be liable to pay a cancellation fee equal to 5% of the original fare. The rate will increase progressively to 10% for refund between 24 hours and 2 two hours before the time of departure, and to 20% for refund within 2 hours before the time of departure.
9. Modification
Sometimes you will need to change your flight which has been reserved. Remember to make your requirement 72 hours in advance. Only under this time limitation can you get a free change with seats available. A second change within 72 hours will be charged about 5% of the ticket price.
10. Airport construction fee
Air carriers and air ticket sales agents will collect the airport construction fee when selling tickets for flights departing from domestic airports.All passengers will pay their airport construction fee within the ticket instead of buying it at the airport.
But passengers who are under four conditions will not need to pay such fee. They are: Children under 12 (or at 12), Passengers holding diplomatic passports, International passengers in transit through domestic airports, and Passengers taking domestic planes for transit on the day.