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Top 4 Effective Ways to Apply for Study in China

Editor : Peggy   |   Resource : AT0086.com

Nowadays more and more foreign students choose to study in China. It seems that China has become a popular destination for students all over the world. Want to start your study life in China? The following four ways will help you do your application with ease.
1. Exchanges between governments
Handled in the light of the bilateral exchanges agreements between the governments.

2. Inter-college exchanges
Handled in accordance with exchanges agreements between the colleges or universities.

3. Recommendations by communities
Applying by means of China's relevant organizations or directly to related universities or colleges in China by foreign universities or colleges, educational organizations, friendship groups.

4. Individual applications
Individual students may apply through China's relevant agencies or directly go to the relevant universities or colleges in China. CSC takes charge of the applications for and management of the Chinese government scholarships for foreigners study in China, takes charge of the application and enrollment of candidates recommended by overseas academic institutions, educational organization or non-governmental friendly associations, and takes charge of individuals’ application to study in China as self-financed student. However, for those individual applicants to apply as self-financed, a better and quicker way is to contact the institutions by themselves.