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Top 4 Major Steps for Applying Foreign Expert Certificate in China

Editor : Caelyn   |   Resource : AT0086.com

Want to teach in China? Getting a "Foreign Expert Card” will help you a lot. But how to obtain "Foreign Expert Card"? We've set out the procedure of applying for foreign expert card in detail and hope you may find it helpful.
1. First of all, to get " Foreign Experts Working Permit "
You need to provide true and complete application materials which meet the statutory regulations, and you have to apply to the provincial Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs or the State Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs. Then you wait for the approval of the application. If your application materials are complete and in line with the true conditions of foreign experts, congratulate, your approval will be through. The first step is done.
2. Submit the materials of the “Foreign Expert Card” application
You need to submit these materials, including "Foreign Experts Work Permit Application Record," your resume, the copies of the highest academic diploma or professional qualification certificates, the health certificate which issued by the quarantine department designated by the Chinese Embassies and Consulates or the Chinese government, as well as the copy of your employing organization’s quanification certificate or the number of the certificate, and the singed standard employment contract which printed by the State Bureau of Foreign Experts.
3. Apply the " Foreign Experts Card" to the work permits issuing department
Materials are prepared? Then you need to pay attention to this: you must hold vocational (Z) visa to the work permits issuing department to apply the “Foreign Expert Card” in 15 days after your entry. And then you have to hold your vocational visa and “ Foreign Expert Card” to the local Public Security Bureau to transact the “Foreigner Residence Permit” in 30 days.
4. Notes
You should know that the “Foreign Expert Card” is subject to locality administration. For example, you have obtained the “Foreign Expert Card” in Shanghai, if you are needed to teach in Suzhou, you must re-apply it. Moreover, you should return the “ Foreign Expert Card” before you leave China. If you wish to retain it as a souvenir, you need to go to the concerned departments for the write-off tag.