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Top 4 Types of Foreign Teachers in China and Their Corresponding Pay Standard

Editor : Caelyn   |   Resource : AT0086.com

Do you want to start your teaching career in China? Now you need to get understand about Chinese market for foreign teachers. In China, there are generally 4 types of foreign teachers with different pay. However, the following pay standard is just under normal circumstances, and may not in accordance with your requirement, you have to negotiate with your employer for the detailed payment.
  Types of foreign teachers in China
Private foreign tutor
It may be one to one or one to more students for the teaching, the pay is different according to the number of the students you are teaching. You can get higher pay than the common foreign teachers if you have rich teaching experience and longer seniority.
Enterprise foreign tutor
In today’s China, we can say that nearly every enterprise faces challegen from the international market, as a result, the Chinese staff to master a second foreign language has become a education quality part which couldn’t be ignored and Chinese enterprises have become more and more aware of the necessity of training bilingual talents. At such circumstances, you may have a big market when you want to show yourself in the field of foreign teachers in China. Moreover, you will get higher pay as an enterprises foreign teacher.
Campus full-time foreign teacher
There are so many language training centers around China, what’s more, foreign teachers are also needed at a large scope by the universities, middle schools, kindergartens and international schools. It is not only because of the good welfare benefits but also the stable job that school is your best choice if you want to be a foreign teacher in China.
Homestay foreign teacher
Namely, it means you are required to live in the student’s home at your accommodations and other daily necessities will be arranged by the student’s parents, what you need to do is to give the language course to the student. At the same time, you may feel the Chinese family culture and you may also learn Chinese through the process of your teaching to the student. It is really a win-win for both you and the Chinese student using this special teaching way.
  The pay references to teach in China for foreigners in different conditions
Private foreign teacher’s
For the one to one private teaching, the pay range is RMB 150-200 per hour, you may properly ask for the traffic allowance if you are living a little far from the class site, and you may also raise the price according to your own teaching value if the lesson is too hard, at this condition, you have to negotiate with your employer.
Teaching to group
Your class belongs to the group teaching if your student number is two or more, the average charge of this type is RMB 200-300 per hour, and of course the detailed price is fixed by the number of the students.
Full-time teaching
Each foreign teacher in each training center, primary school and kindergarten has the monthly salary of around RMB 7000. For each full-time foreign teacher in China universities this number will be a little lower as around 5000 but with added various kinds of welfare and subsidy provided by the schools leading to the almost equal salary with those from general training centers. On the other hand, the detailed salary should be through the exact negotiation in terms of the training project difficulty level and the total teaching hours with your employer.