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Top 6 Essential Preparations for a Successful School Visit in China

Editor : Peggy   |   Resource : AT0086.com

A critical part of choosing a school in China is actually visiting it! Choose from an over-night visit, an open house or a guided tour. This is a terrific way for you to experience China school life and follow the 6 steps below will also help you find the most ideal school in China.
1. Make a plan
If the school only gives a tour followed by an interview, then make your travel plans accordingly. School admissions offices will generally have a list of local lodgings. Ask for it. The important thing to do is to plan on getting there the night before the tour so that you can get a good night's rest. Remember: this is an exciting, stressful time for you!

2. Prepare questions
Before your school visiting, make sure that you have written down all the questions you have about the school. Make a list of things which you want to see. Then use your travel time and mealtimes to review this list. Don't be afraid to refer to it during the tour and the interview. Being organized and efficient will impress the admissions staff.

3. Get up early
The day of the tour has finally arrived! Be sure to rise early, eat a nourishing meal, and get to the school ten or fifteen minutes early. It is always smart to know where on campus you have to go and to allow time for parking and rest stops!

4. Dress to impress
This is not the appropriate time for a fashion statement! Dress sensibly and comfortably! Be yourself. Remember that the process works both ways: you are looking over the school, and the school is looking over you.

5. Show good manners to your tour guide
In most cases your tour guide will be a student. He or she will probably make written observations about you. So be alert. If you are not in a group tour, be sure to ask pertinent questions and be interested in the facts which are proffered. Even if you decide that you can't stand this school right there and then, good manners require that you put on your best face and soldier on.

6.  Take notes
When the tour is over, spend a few minutes reviewing your impressions and comparing notes. This information will be useful when you make your choice.