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Top 6 Qualifications You should Bear to Teach in China

Editor : Caelyn   |   Resource : AT0086.com

If you want to teach in China, you may have such question as “What qualifications should I have?”, in order to clear your issues, this article will tell you Are you able to teach in China?
1. Degrees
To teach legally in China, obtaining "Foreign Experts Certificate" is a necessity, otherwise, you are an illegal worker in China. However, to obtain “Foreign Experts Certificate ", you must have at least a university degree and get a corresponding Diploma certification.
2. Teaching experience
To obtain the “Foreign Experts Certificate” and teach in China, you should have more than two years of teaching experience. So teaching experience has also become a basic condition. What you need to know is that if you get a master's degree and more than 3 years of education work experience, you can serve as an expert.
3. Foreign Experts Certificate
It has already been mentioned above. But here we set it out alone to catch your attention. You must have this "Foreign Experts Certificate", or you are illegal to teach in China.
4. Residence Permit for Foreigners
According to the Chinese law, you should hold the visa Z to enter China and apply for Residence Permit for Foreigners in the local Exit-Entry Administration of Public Security departments within 30 days. After you obtain this Residence Permit for Foreigners, you will be able to live and teach in China legally.
5. Teacher certificates
Obtaining corresponding teacher certificates is not a must for your teach in China. However, if you just have such certificates as TEFL or TESL, then we can guarantee that you will certainly be very popular as a teacher in China!
6. Teaching abilities
As China still has large demands for foreign teachers, resource teachers in line with the above conditions can not meet the demands. So you may rest assured that in many units, they would be appropriate to relax the conditions. As long as you have the ability, you are not afraid you cannot teach in China.