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Top Five Tips in Taking a Flight in Guangzhou Airport

Editor : Kerry Lee   |   Resource : AT0086.com

As one of the international cities in China, Guangzhou is a center for economical and cultural communication in the south. For the foreign friends who are living or working in Guangzhou, a basic knowledge of the service information in Guangzhou airport would be very useful.
1. Checking the airport contact list
In case for some emergent things, you’d better know the contact list of different parts in the airport. If you want to know the flight information, the terminal police post, Lost & Found services and other services in Guangzhou Airport, the following table containing telephone number will be useful.
2. Banks in Guangzhou Airport.
A branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China on the first floor lets visitors convert various foreign currencies into RMB. Outside this branch are two ATM outlets. Among the major credit cards the bank recognizes are Federal, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, Million and JCB.
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
Business hours/days: Monday to Sunday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
3. Airport Construction Tax
For international flights out of Guangzhou, travelers pay a 90 RMB tax. Domestic flights exact a 50 RMB fee. Travel tax is not incorporated in ticket prices and can be paid at a counter by the entrance to the departure terminal on the second floor.
4. Trolleys and Porters
A 3 RMB fee is charged for the use of trolleys, and travelers have a choice of pushing their own luggage or hiring a porter. Licensed porters are easily recognizable by the uniforms they wear. To prevent theft, never let other people handle your luggage. Trolley use and porter assistance costs 10 RMB; tipping is prohibited. For complaints dial +86-20 8612-4518.
5. Business Center
There is no business center in the airport, though fax and phone services are available at the service window of China Telecom on the first floor. In case you need to recharge your mobile phone battery, the lost and found window offers this service for free.
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