Top 10 China Cities with the Largest Demand for Foreign Teachers

China education market is in great demand for foreign teachers now. We select top 10 cities from large number of China which is in great need of foreign teachers in the hope that it can give you some reference when you choose where to work.
  1. 1.Beijing

    Beijing has the most colleges and universities with the largest and complete types and greatest strength in China cities. Beijing's foreign teachers demand market is very large, which can be seen from the local thousands of foreign language training institutions. In addition, influenced by the Beijing Olympic Games, the capital people's enthusiasm of learn a foreign language go to the highest point, so it should be a better choice to work as a foreign teacher in Beijing.

  2. 2.Shanghai

    Shanghai's economic is developed with a large number of universities growing very fast. Currently in Shanghai, there are about 4,000 registered foreign teachers. Most of them are distributed in foreign language categories of colleges and universities as well as some primary and secondary schools and kindergartens. In order to attract students and parents' eyes, many schools recruit foreign teachers one after another. So Shanghai's demand for foreign teachers is also very great.

  3. 3.Wuhan

    Wuhan is not only a transportation center of China but also the main distribution city of colleges and universities with a large number of high-quality personnel. Relatively speaking, Wuhan‘s foreign teachers demand is also very large. What’s more Wuhan University has long been known as the most beautiful university. Coming to Teach in Wuhan and having a travel around Wuhan University should be a relatively good choice.

  4. 4.Xi'an

    Xi'an has a long history and rich culture, the overall strength of universities of which is also very famous. The number of those differs not far from Nanjing, therefore the demand for foreign teachers is also considerable. Moreover Xi'an has large-scale training schools, which can be imagined that the demand for foreign teachers is also very large.

  5. 5.Nanjing

    Nanjing is close to Xi’an in the demand for foreign teachers with a lot of colleges and universities and relatively more participants. With more and more Foreign exchange, Nanjing people’s passion of learning a foreign language is also bullish year after year. Chinese teachers that many schools hired has non-standard pronunciation, which has been unable to meet people’s demands of learning a pure foreign language, so the demand for foreign teachers is also increasing.

  6. 6.Guangzhou

    Guangzhou is one of China's major center cities with developed economic and fast growing education in recent years, in which many universities have a long history. Guangzhou's foreign language training institutions are not as many as the above cities, but the public's enthusiasm for learning a foreign language is not low. The present status is more students less teachers, so it is also a good choice to teach in Guangzhou.

  7. 7.Chengdu

    Been the ancient Ba and Shu state of China, Chengdu is not only rich in beauty, but also rich in colleges and universities. Chengdu has many colleges and universities with relatively strong strength. At present, the foreign language training market of Chengdu is growing rapidly, therefore the requirement of a series of supporting facilities have also gradually increased. The market also prefer to choose foreign teachers to teach, so the demand for foreign teachers has been quite large.

  8. 8.Tianjin

    The overall strength of Tianjin Colleges and universities cannot compare with the above cities; however there are still powerful colleges and universities, and the number of colleges and universities is relatively more in Chinese cities. Tianjin has hundreds of Foreign Language training institutes. On the whole, the demand for foreign teachers is also very large.

  9. 9.Chongqing

    Chongqing has many schools with good strength In addition to the beauty. Foreign language training market is very hot. Many of them would like to recruit foreign teachers to keep up appearances sufficient to attract more students to study. Therefore, come to Chongqing and you will soon be able to find a teacher job .

  10. 10.Changsha

    Changsha has the reputation of emphasizing education in China. Changsha's colleges and universities such as the Central South University, National University of Defense Technology are also quite good. Because of the focus of education, so the foreign teachers in Changsha will be relatively popular