Top 10 China Universities Paying Highest Salary for Foreign Teachers

Teaching in China is a wonderful choice for foreigners to experience Chinese culture. After an analysis of the average compensation level of the universities, we make a list of 10 universities which can offer higher salary for foreign teachers.
  1. 1.The University of Hong Kong

    With a long history and high academic ranking in Asia, it has the ability to offer an average wage reached RMB15000.

  2. 2.University of Macau

    Known as one of the world’s four major Las Vegars, Macau’s total living conditions is high. So the teachers in this university can also have high wages.

  3. 3.National Taiwan University

    It is the oldest and most comprehensive university in Taiwan. Normally the teachers can get RMB10000 each month.

  4. 4.Shanghai Jiaotong University

    Because of Shanghai’s leading status in national economy, the level of its salary is the highest in China. Teaching in this university, teachers will get the highest salary in China mainland.

  5. 5.Shenzhen University

    It is a university in China’s special economics zones. Slightly lower than Shanghai, the wages of college teachers is more than RMB 6500.

  6. 6.Peking University

    According to a survey of 2000 teachers in Peking University, their average wage can reach RMB6000.

  7. 7.Sun Yat-sen University

    Being a university of a fine tradition, it offers its teachers an average wage lower a little than Peking University.

  8. 8.Wenzhou University

    It is a university having a close relationship with more than 20 foreign universities. All the teachers in it can enjoy an average wage about RMB5500.

  9. 9.Zhejiang University

    Ranking the 4th among famous universities in China, it offers a relative high wage, about RMB5300.

  10. 10.Xiamen University

    Founded by overseas Chinese, and located in special economics zones, it has the strength to offer an average wage reached RMB5000.