Top 10 Martial Arts Schools in China Universities

With the spreading of China culture, more and more foreigners are paying their attentions to Chinese Kung fu. On account for the strengths and the conditions of teaching of each university, we pick out 10 as the best for your reference if you wish to learn Chinese Kungfu in China universities.
  1. 1.Wuhan Institute of Physical Education

    The School of Chinese Martial School in WIPE has a number of experts and trainers well-known in China. It is also contained in the superior sports skills programs.

  2. 2.Beijing Sport University

    It is the only owner of the first key sports disciplines of national universities. And it is also the only sport university which entering the “111 Intellect Project”. All this makes it renowned at home and abroad.

  3. 3.Shanghai University of Sport

    Established in 1952, it is the oldest sports institution after China’s founding. Chinese martial arts I s one of key subjects in Shanghai, and the Chinese martial arts museum is also famous in Shanghai.

  4. 4.Chengdu Sport University

    In this university, the Chinese martial arts faculty is among the first of its kind in China. This major has been taken as the first provincial courses.

  5. 5.Guangzhou Sport University

    It has a long history in martial arts teaching with its own characteristics and visibility. One of the Chinese martial arts skill training bases is in it.

  6. 6.Shenyang Sport University

    About 6176 students are studying in this university in northeast of China. Chinese Traditional Martial Arts Department has existed for a long time.

  7. 7.Xi’an Physical Education University

    Founded in 1954, it is the only sport institution in northwest of China. Its main great contribution lies in some theoretical research of sport.

  8. 8.Tianjin Institute of Physical Education

    Offering 15 undergraduate professional and six master’s degrees, it has many first-class subjects. The course “Martial Arts” is among the municipal fine course.

  9. 9.Capital Institute of Physical Education

    Starting to enroll foreign students in 1994, it offers modern courses with Chinese flour, including martial arts. The quality of its education has been praised by students from the world.

  10. 10.Fujian Normal University

    With a century-old history, it has been hailed as the province’s “cradle of teacher”. A good learning environment for martial arts is possible.