Top 10 Most Beautiful University Campuses in China

Studying in a beautiful campus is a kind of enjoyment, and in the following are 10 most beautiful universities in China, according to their environment and design styles.
  1. 1.Wuhan University

    Seated at Luojia Mountain, as one part of East Lake, it is famous for its natural scenery. Besides the ancient style buildings, Cherry blossom in March is its peculiar.

  2. 2.Xiamen University

    Covering over 524.5 hectares, its 3 campus all lay between the mountain and the sea. It is a perfect place to enjoy the truth of nature.

  3. 3.Peking University

    Known as “Yan Yuan’, all the beauties has been contained in the garden. The Weiming Lake, buildings of different departments are very famous.

  4. 4.Sun Yat-Sen University

    Owning exuberance of green trees, and beautiful sceneries, all the campuses are sitting on the sides of the Pearl River or facing the China South Sea.

  5. 5.Shenzhen University

    Located on the picturesque coastline of Shenzhen Bay, the campus has the most modern and full equipped buildings. Being near to mountain and sea will give students another enjoyment.

  6. 6.Tsinghua University

    As the perfect interaction between Chinese and Western, the faculty greatly shows its scale and ethos. The lakes and lotus, makes the campus more elegance.

  7. 7.Nanjing Normal University

    Located in the ancient capital of six dynasties, the campus still gives people the feeling of an ancient country. It is small but exquisite.

  8. 8.Sichuan University

    With the campus set in the agreeable environments of green lawn and trees, it is a ideal place for study and research in the city of mountain.

  9. 9.Soochow University

    As a university in Suzhou, the campus shows the elaborateness of Suzhou Gardens. The buildings of long history in it are wonderful.

  10. 10.Ocean University of China

    It is the only campus has the perfect western-style buildings in China. Under the destructive wave of new construction, it is a miracle.