Top 10 Philosophy Schools in China Universities

In China universities, philosophy is a small discipline and there is only one type of this subject and three undergraduate specialties. Considered with the history of the school, academic ability, scientific research, as well as the reputation of the school, etc, we selected the following 10 philosophy schools from hundreds of China universities, in the hope can play a reference value when you making your decision.
  1. 1.Peking University

    Founded in 1914, the school is not only the first Chinese Philosophy Department, and the National Arts talents training base and scientific research center, but also one of the significant base focuses on humanities and social science research, it has 8 master programs, 8 postdoctoral programs. It has trained more than 8000 outstanding graduates both at home and abroad. It is no exaggeration to say that the Philosophy Department of Beijing University is the cradle of the philosophers.

  2. 2.Nanjing University

    Formerly the Central University Department of Philosophy, was founded in 1920. It has developed into a comprehensive talents training base and research center with competent teaching strength and significant research achievements, enjoying high reputation both at home and abroad. The Philosophy School of Nanjing University ranked in the top three positions in the past 5 years.

  3. 3.Renmin University of China

    Established a formal system in 1956, the school is the base of the liberal arts talents training and scientific research. And the force of education and academic researching is exquisite strong. It is also gets scientific research, first-class academic standards, outstanding teaching achievements, enjoys high reputation both at home and abroad. With more than five decades development, it becomes to the NO.1 philosophy department in admitting foreign students and senior visiting scholars.

  4. 4.Wuhan University

    Founded in 1922, the Philosophy School of Wuhan University is the most influential one in China. As the authorized school to give the philosophy doctor degree, it has 8 doctoral programs, 9 master programs and the key disciplines of national "211" project. The school has cultivated more 5000 talents for the country.

  5. 5.Fudan University

    The school established in 1956, is one of the oldest philosophy department after the founding of the nation. At present, it has 2 undergraduate specialties, 7 master programs, 4 doctoral programs, 1 doctoral mobile station, and the Western philosophy is the key specialty of the national "211 Project". In 1994 it was approved as the one of the oldest liberal arts talents training and scientific research base.

  6. 6.Sun Yat-sen University

    Established in 1924, the philosophy school is one of the oldest academic programs of Sun Yat-sen University. It is authorized by the China Ministry of Education, is the base of national research and talents training, has 2 significant humanities and social sciences research centers and 2 national key specialties.

  7. 7.Tsinghua University

    Founded in 1926, the philosophy department is one of the oldest in China. It has 1 doctoral program, 5 master programs and 1 doctoral mobile station. 70% of the staff got the doctor degree, and the research funds of department total nearly 400 million Yuan.

  8. 8.Beijing Normal University

    Since the establishment of the Chinese culture, the philosophy department has nearly a century history of researching and dissemination. At present, the philosophy department has a solid academic foundation, a complete range of disciplines, rich teaching and scientific research resource and a large pool of talent in the country's leading status in comparison. It is the first master's degree authorization after China's reform and opening-up. The department has 7 master programs and 2 doctoral programs.

  9. 9.Jilin University

    Founded in 1958, its department is a contemporary Chinese philosophy research base, plays a vital role in the philosophy field of China. The theoretical study of the Marxist philosophy is unique in China, and enjoys a high academic reputation. At present, the Department of Philosophy has a 6 master programs, 4 doctoral programs and a postdoctoral research center.

  10. 10.Shandong University

    The School of Philosophy and Social Development Shandong University was established in November 1999, was merged by the former Department of Philosophy and Sociology Department. There are nine professional master disciplines, 5 doctoral disciplines and 3 provincial-level key disciplines. And it also has 1 doctoral mobile station and 2 significant humanities and social sciences research centers which authorized by the China Ministry of Education.