Top 10 Universities Expert in Engineering

Engineering is the largest discipline in China Universities, including 21 categories of subjects that is a total of 79 bachelor's degree programs as mining, materials, machinery, instruments and meters, energy power, electrical and information science and technology etc. Various types of engineering talents directly promote China's economic construction and engineering fields. We select 10 Chinese universities expert in Engineering in accordance with academic ability, scientific research, and reputation.
  1. 1.Tsinghua University

    Tsinghua University has the most powerful engineering with the most complete system, which is a huge advantage that has never been weakened. Its strong engineering is not merely a concept as a whole, but even goes deep into each subtlest direction of every engineering discipline. In the assessment of the subject throughout the country, there are 13 subjects ranking first.

  2. 2.Zhejiang University

    Engineering is one of the major characteristics of Zhejiang University ‘s scientific research, with a strong scientific and technological power, new talents coming forth in large numbers, scientific and technological innovation, which has made it outstanding achievements. Whether in history or now, Zhejiang University has the most top engineering, ranking second to forth (the second most appropriate).

  3. 3.Shanghai Jiao Tong University

    It is among China well-known universities and one of the nine key state construction universities which grows fastest over the past few years. Shanghai Jiao Tong University with a strong Engineering is an ideal place of creating first-class engineering talents. In 2006 its engineering has been listed as the second, still top-rank at present.

  4. 4.Harbin Institute of Technology

    It is an engineering-oriented institution one of whose superior discipline is engineering. With leading professional strength it has been generally identified by domestic institutions. Therein its Mathematics is among Chinese national engineering math teaching bases.

  5. 5.Tianjin University

    As one of the oldest well-known universities in China, it is the all-powerful University in the field of engineering, even Tsinghua University, two Jiao Tong Universities, Southeast University, Zhejiang University and Tianjin University cannot compare to it as the "most complete university in the field of engineering.

  6. 6.Central China University of Science and Technology

    with engineering and medical disciplines as the largest superior categories, the school's overall strength and the overall level leads in the national key universities, of which 15 subjects were rated as the focus disciplines. It has great engineering strength, especially in each field of manufacturing it has a strong education, scientific research and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements ability, training a large number of social engineering talent.

  7. 7.Xi'an Jiaotong University

    In the field of Mechanical and Production Engineering Technology, its strength is very close to Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Central China University of Science and Technology and Harbin Institute of Technology, with Energy dynamics as the most powerful disciplines ranking in the first place in China. Its engineering can totally compete with the eastern schools and ensure it always staying in the first group of Chinese universities.

  8. 8.Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    As one of the 8 institutions subject to China's National Defense Science and Technology Commission which is also the most highly emphasized one, it is unparalleled In the aerospace field. It is a research-based engineering school, whose overall strength of the Engineering is only second to Tsinghua University. And it is is also among those universities who accept most foreign graduate students of engineering.

  9. 9.Northwestern University of Technology

    It is the only university of Science and Technology developing education and scientific research of aviation, aerospace, marine engineering at the same time. It is a research, multidisciplinary and Open University prevailing in science and technology with Strong engineering, ranking ninth in the country.

  10. 10.Dalian Institute of Technology

    It is a multidisciplinary University of Science and Technology with engineering as its main course including applied physics, economic management, humanities and social science. It has a Strong engineering as 9 national key disciplines, 10 key disciplines of the "211 Project" construction project. No one dares to downgrade its strength.