Top 20 Foreign Language Training Organizations in China

Nowadays in China, the foreign language training market is in full swing with so many training centers appearing in the society. We now listed the top excellent foreign language training schools in terms of the school’s history, scope, session evaluation, social affect from its variety.
  1. 1.EF education

    Established in 1965, EF now is the biggest private English educational organization in the world with its 300 odd offices and schools which can be found in more than 50 countries. It gives assists to 1,500,000 learners with its staff of 26,000. EF now has changed the world into a big English classroom.

  2. 2.New Orient Education Technology Group

    Established on Oct 16, 1993, it now has 36 schools and 6 branches in 34 cities in China with its participants up to 5,000,000. It is a big comprehensive educational technology group and listed in NYSE, which is also the first listed educational organization overseas in China.

  3. 3.Global Educations & Technology Group

    Established in 1997, Global Education & Technology Group is now the biggest foreign language training chain organization at home with its 56 branch schools nationwide, training nearly 250,000 participants each year and leading the first foreign language training as its brand. It is one of the first ISO9001 group approved educational organization and also the first top level chain organization in China with its name called “Kingdom for Chinese people learn English”.

  4. 4.Wall- Street English

    Established in 1972 in Europe, it is the leading English training center in the world with its 27 states and regions of its 400 training centers training over 140,000 staff each year. Wall- street English has set many branch centers in 7 major cities in China including Beijing and Shanghai, ect. owing the ISO9001:2000 and the name as “super brand in 2006”.

  5. 5.Web International English

    It came to China in 1998 and set up 60 odd training centers in active big cities like Shanghai in China, leading the good scope of international English training organization in China. Web International English gives aids to 100,000 people for improving their English level, setting off a new upsurge of English learning within 10 years in China.

  6. 6.Linguaphone Foreign Language Training Group

    Started in 1901, Linguaphone now is the leading language training institute in the world, it has 100 year odd language training experience with its corporate companies worldwide. It has its sales market in 60 countries helping over 7,000,000 people learning English successfully.

  7. 7.Talenty International Education

    Beginning in 1997, Talenty is a famous brand in Chinese children’s education, carefully built by the Talenty business starting team associated with knowledgeable elite overseas. As one of the biggest private-owned education institute, it has been awarded as the most effect brand of the Chinese education chains, China’s 100 best franchise brand, etc, widely focused by the mass media.

  8. 8.Only Education Group

    It is Shanghai’s largest, well-known non-academic education and training institutions with its affiliate sections as Shanghai’s leading and Chinese famous education products. In 2001 it was certified the ISO9001 international quality certification system among the National Foreign Language Training School, and it has the access to the "National top 10 well-known foreign language training institutions" and a number of other awards.

  9. 9.US Kidcastle Education Group

    Established in 1986, it has been the United States OTCBB listing of professional children’s educational institutions, committed to quality education of children aged 2-12 and now become world-class enterprise. The Kidcastle has been awarded as the same as Shanghai’s most influential brand in 2006, 2006-2007 public satisfaction with China’s top 10 brand-name foreign language training institution, etc.

  10. 10.Dell International English Training School

    Established in 1999, it was officially registered and use "Dell International English" brand in 2001. Thanks to years of efforts, Dell international English was listed top English city chief brands in China, awarded as the "National Top Ten well-known English school", it has been also given many other rewards.

  11. 11.Beijing IELTS School

    Established in 1997, it is committed to research and development direction of foreign language examinations in English learning, teaching and research as well as China’s earliest and most authoritative institution study on training for the IELTS test with its branch bodies in tens of Chinese cities.

  12. 12.Daily English

    Started in 1999, Daily English has set 37 schools in many major cities in China now. It is now developing as an international corporation of the media agencies and educational institutions combined by the industrialization of the cultural and educational media group.

  13. 13.Pattison International Education Group

    With is headquarter set in Vancouver Canada and its 22 branches set in Vancouver Canada and Chinese major cities, Pattison International Education Group now is one of the most famous English brand in the world, with a long teaching experience of up to 120 years covering 50 odd countries for millions of people in the world.

  14. 14.Cambridge Oriental Education Group

    Established in 1986, it is one of the domestic education group with the largest scope and most effectiveness, owning 18 various institutions at different level; constructing cultivating new talent from the "overpass". It has all kinds of personnel training community taught 12 million people, praised by all sectors of the community and the majority of parents, rated as "advanced unit" and "excellent schools" by the educational and administrative departments at all levels.

  15. 15.Shanghai Kaien English Training Center

    Established in 1996, it is the earliest Chinese-foreign cooperative language schools in China. In Shanghai it has successfully helped more than 160,000 students improve their spoken English, which becomes a Shanghai street known slogan.

  16. 16.Beijing Foreign Studies University Training College

    It is the only organizer of non-academic education in Beijing Foreign Studies University, owing the most excellent teacher resources. It upholds the fine tradition of BFSU, sponsoring innovative ideas and methods; optimizing the allocation of the various types of foreign language schools and education resources to create a first-class foreign language education and training brands as BFSU.

  17. 17.Shanghai Jiaotong University Foreign Language Training Center

    Established more than 10 years ago, the school has become the significant professional foreign language training institution with authoritative teachers, comprehensive curriculum, complete information materials. It is also Shanghai’s largest, most famous foreign language training institution for CET4/6 as well as appointed institution by Shanghai interpreting association.

  18. 18.Amio International English

    It is north China’s first international high-end English training institutions except Beijing, and now it has developed as the only high-end English training institution for the major industrial and commercial enterprises, with the main purpose for training foreign-related business operations and management personnel, particularly the training of excellent teachers for many large enterprises in China.

  19. 19.World International English

    It is the only one which was entitled "Olympic sail appointed English training cooperation agent" by the boating committee of the 29th session Olympic Games organization. It provides personalized professional training services in English Mission for many well-known enterprises, and gets high approval by the corporative party. It is a professional English training institution.

  20. 20.Mars English

    It is China’s first training institution for promoting career oral English. It now making effort to promote the international English training system of spoken English through the integration of advanced international concepts ESP training, more focus on the Chinese workplace environment, more professional team of foreign instructors, more effective international multi-media language teaching system.