Top 5 Chinese International Travel Agencies with Best Service in Tianjin

Are you dazzling when choose a satisfied international travel service from the numerous travel agencies, especially those in a country that totally strange to you? To clear your issue, we would like to recommend you the following five Chinese international travel services with best service, which will bring you surprise.
  1. 1.Tianjin China International Trading & Travel Service

    Until today, Tianjin China International Trading & Travel Service abides the style by servicing the visitor diligently, move the visitor with genuine feeling and return the visitor with love. Our company has much progress on quantity and multitude, also receive high report. In 1998 it was appraised “social recognized satisfaction travel agency”, 1999 was appraised “No criticism last 5 years”.

  2. 2.China Kanghui Tianjin International Travel Service Co., Limited

    With a number of experienced management staff and a group of professional tour guide, the company has promised a best service for the customers. Establishing a good relationship with the international travel services in the world, the hotels and airports in the major cities in China, the company has been received praise from the whole society.

  3. 3.Tianjin Daya International Travel Service

    Depending on a tremendous financial resources and human resource, the company has a large number of high qualifications of management staff and tour guides as well as facilities such as touring car in different sizes. It has been listed as “excellent enterprise in Tianjin” and other fame.

  4. 4.Tianjin Classical Holidays International Travel Service

    Depending on the advantage of net, the company has provided first level service for the customers. With the best service, the company accumulates customer resource and enlarges the resource.

  5. 5.CITIC Travel Co., Limited (Tianjin)

    Relying on the tour net in the country, strong economic strength and a high reputation, the CITIC travel Co., limited (Tianjin) operates business tour, special tour and incoming tour, out coming tour and domestic tour. The tour lines designed by the company are well received by customers both at home and in abroad.